IHA Podcast/Show • The Affiliate-Program

Welcome to your overview of the Podcast-Show of The Institute of Healing Arts.
Here you do find the clarity for how you do share valuable information. Enjoy!

Benefits for You and Your Company:

  • More time for yourself and your loved ones
  • More money to live in freedom
  • Unforgettable and touching feedback

Intention of the Talk:

  • Offering maximum value for the audience
  • Sharing an inspiring deep talk on eye height
  • Sharing and promoting the deeper solution
  • Hightening the income/cashflow of the you as the Guest-Speaker and IHA
  • Giving more value to the audience and deepening the connection of the Guest and IHA

Value for the Audience

To provide the Audience the maximum of Value in the Talk, this are the main topics we do serve…

  • Learning on how to transform beliefs as well as energy experienced within health, relationship and business
  • Opening the opportunity to deepen the knowledge which was shared in the Talk
  • Down below you do find the offer we do provide, the training to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner
Spiritual Business Development • Overview 1

We also do enjoy your content as well as presentation.

  • Please share with us the preference in terms of content of your audience

To provide the deepening of the values which was shared in the podcast-show we do offer a 20-30 minute Healing-Session on the Online-Campus of The Institute of Healing Arts of the Talk.
In this Healing Session the Audience will experience a deeper healing of the topics related to the Topic of the Talk in the Campus-Area of The Institute of Healing Arts.

Part II: The Affiliate-Program

What is an Affiliate-Program?

In our Affiliate-Program you do have the opportunity to share the value we do provide – and receiving as an expression of gratitude a part of the generated income.

As part of our mission to make Healing accessible for thousands of people we are happy to share the up-builded connections, value and prestige as well as effect and income. In the following part you will find out how our Affiliate-Program works and what is in it for you.

The Testing and the Development-Phase

Our Affiliate-Program is divided into 2 parts, to build up trust, demonstrate our concept and then widening the success.
The first part, the “Testing” is the version where we do work with a Low-Tide of 100 subscribers. In the Development-Phase we do extending onto the amount of subscribers in your favour.

Your Testing-Phase

In this phase you will test the flow with 100 mail-subscribers.

After we were proven your numbers, we can scale and extend the testing-phase to the development-phase.

Your Income
When you do spark this amount of clicks, this will happen…
Your income (you get 25%)8.000 – 12.000€

Numbers of new students enrolled through you
Course-Price4.400 – 6.600€

Number of calls which are generated
Price total16.000 – 24.000€
Number of enrolments in the masterclass 30

Clicks on the landingpage through you100

The Development-Phase

After we were testing the numbers and the conversion you now can bring in more clicks. This can look like this.

Your Income
When you do spark this amount of clicks, this will happen…
Your income (your get 25%)20.000-30.000€

Numbers of new students through you

Number of calls which are generated
Price total40.000-60.000€
Number of enrolments in the masterclass 150

Clicks on the landingpage through you500

Part III: The Entré

After our Talk we do want to share one of our Entrés.

Here you do find information about the individualised Healing we do offer after the Talk.

This is, what will be adjusted according to the main energetic topic which we were talking about in the interview/recording:

  • Intro (will be edited into the beginning of the presentation) • duration 2-5 min
    • Sharing about yourself and presenting your personal story
    • You do find the preset/recommendation in the next section
  • Your relation • duration 2-5 min
    • What is your emotional and fact-based connection to this topic?
    • Why it is important to have a look on this energetic topic (feelings, emotions, thoughts)
  • Outro (will be edited in the end of the presentation) • duration 2-5 min
    • Feedback to the energetic transformation

Topics of the Presentation

You can decide out of different topics when it comes to your personal affiliate-program:

  • Spiritual Development – Higher Sense Activation (EN) Bestseller
  • Shortcut (EN) Workshop
  • Deine Hellsinne Activation (DE) Bestseller

Entrés – Have a look-book

Entre Onesmall
Entres Have A Look Book 2

Note: It is also possible to adjust a masterclass together. A masterclass is always solution-oriented and the IHA is devoted to support in the topics of education, healing, health, business-development and spirituality. If you do have special wishes, send us notes in your mail (Testing Phase).

The Campus of The Institute of Healing Arts

This is, what our students are learning in our programs and trainings:

Training to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner (6-month training)
Spiritual Business Development • Overview 1

Course in Spiritual Development (3-month training)

Spiritual Development • Overview Small

Course in Business Development (3-month training)

Business Development • Overview Small

The Step-by-Step-Guidance

In the preparation you do need to send us your decisions related to:

In the first stage, the testing-phase we will test the flow with around 100 subscribers of your mail-list.

What you do need to send us in the first stage:

  • Recorded Intro & Outro
  • The Testimonial of the exclusive Healing Session (if you were participating at the exclusive Healing-Session)
  • Copy-paste the mail-flow into your mails/funnels of your mail-backend
  • Sending the mail-flow to 100 subscribers of yours
  • Filling out your data in our affiliate-program: https://charlymahr.com/affiliates/

Register as Affiliate


Your username.

Account Email

Your primary email, used for logging in.


Your primary password, used for logging in.

Your account will need to be approved before you can earn Referrals. You'll receive an email once it's approved.

Second Stage: Development

In the first stage and therefore the testing-phase does take 2-7 days. Afterwards we do go into the second stage.

Afterwards this is possible…

  • You then do heighten the number of your subscribers and send the mailflow out to your desired amount of subscribers

Your Payment

You will receive the first payment with the first sale which is generated to your mail list/subscribers. Please check the affiliate-program for your overview.
After the second phase, the development phase you will receive more money according the scale with the same conversion.

Next to the financial benefits you will also receive a lot of feedback from your audience. So let’s make a significant change in the world.

In unstoppable love,
Charlotte & The Team of IHA

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