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Welcome to your overview of the affiliate-program of The Institute of Healing Arts.
Here you do find the clarity for how you do share valuable information. Enjoy!


  • Deeper connections to your audience
  • More time for yourself and your loved ones
  • More money to live in freedom
  • Unforgettable and touching feedback
  • Luxurious adventures and experiences for oneself

The Testing and the Development-Phase

Your Testing-Phase

In this phase you will test the flow with 100 mail-subscribers.

After we were proven your numbers, we can scale and extend the testing-phase to the development-phase.

Your Income
When you do spark this amount of clicks, this will happen…
Your income (you get 50%)8.000 – 12.000€

Numbers of new students enrolled through you
Course-Price4.400 – 6.600€

Number of calls which are generated
Price total16.000 – 24.000€
Number of enrolments in the masterclass 30

Clicks on the landingpage through you100

The Development-Phase

After we were testing the numbers and the conversion you now can bring in more clicks. This can look like this.

Your Income
When you do spark this amount of clicks, this will happen…
Your income (your get 50%)40.000-60.000€

Numbers of new students through you

Number of calls which are generated
Price total80.000-120.000€
Number of enrolments in the masterclass 150

Clicks on the landingpage through you500

Potential Presentations

Here you do find the potential presentations.

This is, what will be adjusted on your personal favour:
If you do want to simplify more it is also possible to send out the masterclass directly without recordings of your side

  • Intro (will be edited into the beginning of the presentation) • duration 2-5 min
    • Sharing about yourself and presenting your personal story
    • You do find the preset/recommendation in the next section
  • Your relation • duration 2-5 min
    • What is your emotional and fact-based connection to this topic?
  • Outro (will be edited in the end of the presentation) • duration 2-5 min
    • You do find the preset/recommendation in the next section

Topics of the Presentation

You can decide out of different topics when it comes to your personal affiliate-program:

  • Spiritual Development – Higher Sense Activation (EN) Bestseller
  • Law of Attraction – Manifest your dreams (EN)
  • Healing for Performer (EN)
  • Finding your purpose (EN)
  • Week-Structure – Relax your mind and create a overview for your week (EN)
  • Deine Hellsinne Activation (DE) Bestseller
  • Finde deine Berufung (DE)

Note: It is also possible to plan and adjust a masterclass together. A masterclass is always solution-oriented and the IHA is devoted to support in the topics of education, healing, health, business-development and spirituality. If you do have special wishes, send us notes in your first mail (Testing Phase).

The Step-by-Step-Guidance

In the preparation you do need to send us your decisions related to:

  • Your decision according to your favourite presentation (send us the headline)
  • The amount of subscribers you do want to start with and the potential
    • Number (for example: “I do want to start with 100 subscribers out of my mail list and have 2.000 subscribers to scale”)
    • Maillist/Instagram
  • Your mail-address

In the first stage, the testing-phase we will test the flow with around 100 subscribers of your mail-list.

What you do need to send us in the first stage:

  • Information about yourself – We will design an Intro and Outro for you
  • Recorded Intro & Outro
  • Copy-paste the mail-flow into your mails/funnels of your mail-backend
    • integrate the confirmation of the mail-address
  • Sending it out to 100 subscribers
  • Your invoice data and if you have your WooCommerce, Stripe, Mollie Connection
  • Filling out your data in our affiliate-program: https://charlymahr.com/affiliates/

Register as Affiliate


Your username.

Account Email

Your primary email, used for logging in.


Your primary password, used for logging in.

Your account will need to be approved before you can earn Referrals. You'll receive an email once it's approved.

Intro & Outro

You are invited to record the Intro as well as the Outro. Each should have a length of maximum 5 minutes.
You will receive the guidelines on what information you are about to share in the Intro and Outro after you were sending us the first mail.

Second Stage: Development

In the first stage and therefore the testing-phase does take 2-7 days. Afterwards we do go into the second stage.

The second stage you do need:

  • The clear sharings about the numbers
    • Clicks on the landingpage through you
  • I will share the numbers with you according to…
    • The generated Calls
    • The Bookings & new Students

You then have the clarity about your numbers and the conversion.
Afterwards this is possible…

  • You then do heighten the number of your subscribers and send the mailflow out to more subscribers

Your Payment

You will receive the first payment with the first sale which is generated to your mail list/subscribers.
After the second phase, the development phase you will receive even more money. 🙂

Next to the financial benefits you will also receive a lot of feedback from your audience. So let’s make a significant change in the world.

In unstoppable love,
Charlotte & The Team of IHA


You are interested into being a Guest-Teacher or you do want more for your community and desire a healing-session in your own course? Perfect. Let us know in the first mail as well and we will have a look on what we can arrange for you, your community as well as our clients.

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