The Institute of Healing Arts

The Institute of Healing Arts

You do want to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner?

Are you ready to finally fully activate your spiritual abilities, to accompany your customers successfully and to create the healing business you have always dreamed of?

A life of freedom, deep connection and prosperity awaits you. Your 3 to 6-month training for your successful work as a Holistic Healing Practitioner.

During your training to become a Healing Practitioner, you will develop a new relationship with your healing abilities. You will learn how to lovingly develop self-confidence in yourself, your clairvoyance and your healing sessions.

Learn how to not only confidently gain visibility with your skills – you will also learn how to earn money by accompanying your clients and how your work as a healing practitioner is not just your calling, but what you are happy about to get up and go to bed healthy and successful in the evening. Your new reality of love, freedom, connection and prosperity through living out your spiritual truth and realising your souls potential is now open to be experienced in your life.

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Customer Voices

 “I feel more clear and excited about projects and the next steps.”

– Rodolfo Young, TEDx Speaker & Master Coach

So much changed within a short time since the first hours with Charlotte and The Institute of Healing Arts. I do realise that I am way much more relaxed.

I also do enjoy this effect in the relationship with my clients – when it comes to the topics of control and power I am in a relaxed flow. Also when it is about potential clients.

My marketing, to show up just how I am, to bring this out – f eels so much better now. And this is the most important thing. So I am more successful. Because it also attracts the right people to me.

– Matthias Niggehoff, Psychologe (M.Sc.), celebrated TV-Primetime-Guest, Marketing-Experte

Holistic Healing Practitioner • 200h Training

Spiritual & Business Development • Overview

Holistic Healing Practitioner

Your Course in Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development • Overview Small

Spiritual Development

Your Course in Business Development

Business Development • Overview Small

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Charlotte Mahr

Sensitive Consulant und Founder of the Institute of Healing Arts

Charlotte is passionate about accompanying her clients and students into the felt connection of their souls and the sustainable success of their healing business. For 6 years she has been joyfully offering self-employed pioneers and entrepreneurs the experience of healing sessions and ceremonies and thus the space for transformation of inner feelings and thoughts in order to create a free lifestyle in deep connection and holistic prosperity.

In the Online-Campus of the Institute of Healing Arts you will receive selected knowledge as well as training so that you, as a Holistic Healing Practitioner, experience your healing influence and enjoy your unique path of purpose and in business.

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