Holistic Healing Practitioner • 6 month Training

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Your Training to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner

Your 3 month program to develop your spiritual abilities. 

You will experience profound insights in the areas of:

• How to create a safe space for yourself and heal yourself in your Healing Temple
• How you support other people and your customers sustainably and successfully with your sensitive and spiritual abilities
• How to create a healing business that you love and which is in alignment with your truth

During your training to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner you will develop a new relationship with your healing abilities. You lovingly strengthen self-confidence in yourself, the healing sessions you will guide and the success of your healing business as well as your healing influence in the world.
Learn how to not only confidently gain visibility with your skills - you will also learn how to earn money by accompanying your customers.
How you work as a Healing Practitioner is not just your calling, but as well what makes you happy and what you truly life for.

Your new reality of love, freedom, connection and prosperity through living your spiritual truth and realizing your soul potential awaits you.

Are you ready to start your journey over the next 3 month now?

You will receive a 12-month access as well as live-trainings each 2 weeks.
Safe yourself one of the limited spots to become a Holistic Healing Practitioner and develop your skills to learn on how you do heal yourself and guide professional healing sessions, ceremonies as well as events.The Second Part • Your 3 month Course in Spiritual Business Development Create a successful Spiritual Business within 3 month You already know your methods and know how you work through resistance and blockages. You also know how you do guide others in your own unique way. You already do earn money with your techniques - but everything is a little impulsive. Sometimes it runs well, other times less. You do wish for yourself, that experience stability in your life and live in trust and feeling held. As well so that you do live your freedom in a way that matches your needs and wishes. You are strengthened and powerful in your execution and you do know on how to go the right steps. You feel the strength of your vision. As well sometimes you do loose the overview and you do connect your identity with what change you do in the world. You do wish a loving influence as well as living free and independent. 3 month program for your structures and your souls-creation Deep Dive in your topics: • Your weekly structures so that you remember all important tasks you do have and make best use of your focus • Tuning and clarifying your offering • Pricecalculation • Cashflow-Management for your private and your company expanses • Ritual to manifest more money in your life (included healing your ancestor-line, the collective and your own consciousness as well the desired experience of your soul) • Creating your content for the whole quarter and week ahead • Creating a flow for your clients within your programs • Knowing on how to publish a new program, course or service • Structures and Excel-tables, which do give you a clear overview you can use for your direct implementation • Your communications and sales • Your Money-Date as routine, you can do implement in your weekly-structure, so that you know how to stay on track with your money-goals, meanwhile enjoying the flair of date when it comes to finances • Supportive audio-meditations and downloads In unstoppable love, Your Charlotte ❤️

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