Cacao Ceremony • Sacred Alignment


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✨Cacao Ceremony • Sacred Alignment ✨

30.9.2023 • live in Canggu & online

When you are IN ALIGNMENT you…
• Do the right decisions with ease and knowing
• Understand by mind, heart and spirit
• Feel, share and receive the highest and most authentic form of love

This is the state of energy you are invited to drop in – in the upcoming Cacao Ceremony. 

You will…
• Deepening the connection to your truth and your heart
• Expanding your energetic system of love, wisdom and the virtues you strengthening by now in your life
• Harmonize the loving energy in your private life and your work life
• Letting go of grief, doubting and scarcity
• Bettering your relationships
• Remember your deeper meaning and strengthening your why

You are warmly invited to take part in the Cacao Ceremony.

Cacao is a plant medicine which supports you in building up a sustainable loving connection to yourself. 

Note: The live Ceremony will be recorded. This means please just book your spot when you are good with being on camera; also you can note of you want to have scenes cute out to make safety of your privacy. Also you will get recordings of yourself – to use them for yourself.

Book your spot now. 

Tickets are available now. 

• 300k live in Canggu
• 44 Euro Early Bird Online-Version 

Places are limited.
I am looking forward for a new, sacred alignment.

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