So that you have an insight about on how the conversion is working, you will get an overview right here.


Your IncomeSales Funnel: When your Entré mit der folgenden Conversion läuft, dann
This is calculated to happen…
Your Income308 / 462€Number of new students18
IHA Programm-Price (Course in Spiritual Development & Course in Business Development / Holistic Healing Practitioner)4.400€ / 6.600€Number of Calls which are generated60
Completionrate on the phone (your responsibility)30,00%Number of Masterclass Views150
Masterclass ConversionInvestment Facebook Ads / Month1.515€
Sign-Up Rate for Entré30%Value of each Call you do1.980€
Bookingrate after Masterclass40%Profit per Call1.955€
2101 Sales – THA Upsell