• How you easily and relaxed do plan your week ahead and remember everything which is important
• Feeling free and untamed – because you won’t be overwhelmed by any tasks anymore
• Finally the feeling of being held by your own structures as the CEO of your healing business
• Pure clarity and a fluent delegating of tasks which aren’t part of your zone of genius

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Why it is so important you do have a weekly structure which is in alignment with yourself and your Healing Business

✓ You can relax more under the week and included all the important tasks and details

✓ You do feel less stressed, scared or overwhelmed

✓ You do integrate your private off-time and plan respectfully space for all of the important departments

✓ You do get a week-structure in your hands which is supporting you as a lightworker to strengthen your healing influence with ease, clarity and fun

✓ You do earn more money and do feel held by your own structure in your healing business. Therefore you can delegate tasks easily, guiding as a CEO and do live out your true passions

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