The Healers Academy

Ready to be a Healer?

At last you want to activate your spiritual abilities fully and wholeheartedly and high level how you bring   your healing power into the world?

The Healers Academy is going to start with a new round at 21.11.2022 – your 3 months program for your spiritual gifts.

In this training you develop new healing skills and you learn how to be confident within yourself and with energy reading and transformation.

Learn how to show up with confidence and be visible with your magical spiritual power – and how to make money, so that being a healer is your calling and your job.

This time there is a spiritual journey for all participants in february 2023 in Bali. 

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Play and heal

Imagine …

… having a box full of tools and techniques, you’re really conform with 

… knowing exactly what’s your style and how to share your unique skills with the world 

… you are able to heal yourself, how you can connect to a source of unlimited energy whenever you like, and experience sustainable change in your own life 

… you can support other human beings with confidence, create a safe space for them and lead them effectively on their way to master life

… reading informations of the aura, chakra and the electromagnetic-field consciously

… being connected with your higher self and the spiritual world

… you know clearly you can trust your spiritual skills and your intuition – no matter what


„This is your way into freedom.“

„You should do exactly this!“, they said to you. They showed you this graduation, a business concept or that strategy to success. So you knew: If I am doing that, I am accepted and loved by them… 

„Enjoy your success“, they said to you. And you gave your best doing exactly what they said. But instead of bathing in success after a short time the high that came with reaching your goal, ended. And you recognised: that couldn’t be it. It could not be about acceptance, success, love … there is something missing …

And there was weakness, tiredness, frustration. That can’t have been all…

Deep inside you you knew there are reasons why… You remember what you really wanna be and how you really wanna live… And your dreams shine like a spark. Your heart wishes and your longing for freedom.

All the years you were living in concepts and strategies, promising success. But it wasn’t what you really wanted. Your inner child was hidden. Your light was dimmed. Your heart was ignored. 

But now you know: it’s time to be alive. Time to live wild and free. To live all your feelings. To live all your dreams. You feel: your own truth, freedom and abundance are waiting for you.

Now you are aware of: I am here to shine. To live my true identity. To live my calling. Leading humans to their own truth and empowering them to live their dreams.

You explained a lot about healing. You acknowledged the next steps on your journey are …

  • … looking deeper
  • … feeling deeper
  • … following your own heart 
  • … listening to your calling of your own soul

It’s no question. You have to. It’s totally clear. You have to devote yourself fully and wholeheartedly.

The Vision of the Spiritual Leader

You know what … I am so touched by my work as a spiritual teacher. Sometimes after a healing-session I find myself with tears of joy on the floor. Sometimes there are those moments, which let me feel so deeply. When I realise the incredible contribution to the world. And when I see how it is working. How my soulclients are flourishing, how they free theirselves and how they are creating their life with joy and ease. When they want to offer healing sessions by themselves and are successful. I just love it.

Another part of my vision was being able to work from everywhere. And that’s what I created. I found myself living and working in a villa in Bali with two friends- with a pool, palm trees, fotoshootings, cacao ceremonies, paying clients, scooter trips, surfboard in my hands, sea salt and a smile on my face. I didn’t want to leave this life full of wonder anymore. I just couldn’t – because it was the perfect love in my eyes, in my feelings.

And I see how you also are living free, travelling, expressing yourself, serving from abundance. This moment, you realise you are free and you enable others this feeling of freedom and connection to their souls – damn, this is so touching deeply.

Your deepest desire is freedom? You just want to experience truly to be touched deep in your heart – in your soul, your body and your mind. 

You are aware about being on this earth planet because of experiencing yourself and making unforgettable experiences. Wonderful moments, divinity, liberation. You want to live on the one hand an easy life and on the other hand you want to be successful..

Playfulness and ease is what you want to invite in your life- because you know: life is an adventure and you’re ready to see what is possible. Deep inside of you you know: there is so much more that you experienced before.

You wanna express your spiritual gifts, play with energy and change life’s.

Your life should be a match of adventure and soul.

Your vision: You are offering Healing Sessions as a full time job.

Coperate Design

Customer Voices

 “I feel more clear and excited about projects and the next steps.”

– Rodolfo Young, TEDx Speaker & Master Coach

New • FEBRUARY 2023 •

Spiritual Journey

In the training to be a HOLISTIC HEALING PRACTITIONER is a Spiritual Journey to Bali included. 

On this magical island you not only get to know all practitioners. You will enjoy this blissful island with all the adventures you are going to experience as well as you are giving and receiving healing-sessions.

This is new:

  • you get the Theta Healing certification 
  • you get a stage for your own style of healing 
  • you get a branding-shooting

On your journey to Bali 

10 unforgettable days in Bali with your Soulmates.

At this magical place you open up for your spiritual gifts and experience a gentle opening of your heart and do ground your spiritual potential into your human experience.

You are going to manifest your life the way you truly want to experience it.

Dates: 6.2.2022 til 12.2.2022

my story • Bali Journeys

Love, my journey to my life as a sensitive advisor was beginning in Bali. This Island held me with so much love, while I was going my first steps, changing my gifts and my calling, leading other people to the depth of their souls into a full-time-job. 

I couldn’t say it in another way: Bali is my second home and the place where my freedom was born. 

Already during school I wanted to visit this island – in geography I showed my best friend this place on earth with a fingertip on the map and I said: Here I will live and wirken/arbeiten.

I remember the silence in the air. Nobody said anything. I think Jan, my best friend, just smiled a little. I knew he believed in me and I knew 80% of the people in this room were thinking I was crazy. It didn’t matter. Cause I KNEW it’s the truth. No word in the world could have changed my knowledge. 


What is waiting for you:


Modul 1

Welcome! Connect with our powerful field. Clean your energy field and build up trust. You’re building the basis for your empowering 3 months – your way of becoming a healer.


  • Lightworker activation
  • activate and strengthen clairvoyant skills
  • Dealbreaker & Peacemaker – liberation
  • field cleansing – how you clean your energetic field
  • grounding

TOOLS you learn

  • Gamma-State

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 1.Chakra • trust
  • field cleansing – how you clean your energetic field
  • vision

Clean & Clear

Modul 2

Letting go, everything that holds you back. Soul-contractions? Ciao! High vibes? Hi! You experience a state of clear and neutral mind. With training your clairvoyant skills you’re starting the program of your spiritual gifts.


  • The power of intimacy
  • De-Armouring
  • Healing love for all human beings

TOOLS you learn

  • deleting soul-contractions 
  • Activate clairvoyant skills

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 2. Chakra • sexuality


Modul 3

You learn how to shift your energy to a new higher level. And yes, it’s about YOUR energy. We’re calling back the parts of your soul that are spliced off. It’s about your self worth and about building up a mind-and energy-set which is rising yourself into ease.


  • Healing love for all human beings 
  • Embodiment-flow – wake up your own power

TOOLS you learn

  • deleting soul-contractions 
  • Embodiment-flow wake up your own power

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 3.Chakra – selfworth and self empowerment 
  • Embodiment-flow – wake up your own power

to read

Modul 4

You begin playing with energy. And it is gonna be fun. Learn reading energy fields. How you are reading the biggest potential and biggest challenges from auras. How you can see what’s present in the field of the chakras. Here you will find it out.


  • Lightworkers activation
  • Activate and strengthen clairvoyant skills
  • dealbreaker&peacemaker – liberation

TOOLS you learn

  • Gamma-state

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 4. Chakra • self love and relationships

Healing i

Modul 5

Empowered Healing. You learn how you shift what you believe in seconds. You learn how you solve blockades from the heart. And how to break through heart walls, which is giving yourself a boost in your own relationships with loved ones and soulmates. You are able to bring flow back into stuck emotions. 


  • your heart-song
  • Gamma-state

TOOLS you learn

  • your heart-song
  • Gamma-state

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 5. Chakra • expression

by Design

Modul 6

What are you designed for? It’s about mutual appreciation of your own spirit. And you can choose: Do you like to dive into human design, metaphysics or into a trance healing session with your spirit team?


  • trance healing – healing with guidance of the spiritual world
  • Human design deep dive
  • Human design for your business

TOOLS you learn

  • Trance healing – healing with guidance of the spiritual world 
  • Human design deep dive

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 6. Chakra • visions

Healing II

Modul 7

Let’s free from time. We’re travelling to your past. How many life’s you were living? You’re getting valuable information about time and how you manifest – from the future.


  • travelling into your future and foretelling
  • Timeline shifts

TOOLS you learn

  • Timeline shifts 
  • Travelling to the future
  • Devine timing

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads 7 Chakra • spirit
  • Field cleansing – how to cleanse your energetic field
  • vision

Identity Shift
& Embodyment

Modul 8

Time to ground yourself again. Its up to your body’s next level: bringing energy back to balance. You learn the art of integration – integrate healing into daily life and into your business. Communicating with your business on an energetic level. Holding  safe space for you giving your own healing session.


  • Space for your heart-business and heart-creation
  • De-armouring
  • Healing love for human beings
  • Spiral dynamics – understanding different states of consciousness and playing with it

TOOLS you learn

  • Energetic business talks
  • Art of integration
  • Spiral dynamics 
  • Embodiment-flows

HEALING for yourself

  • Download earth star • deep earth-connection
  • Embodiment-flow

Healing III

Modul 9

Magic for you. Until now you learned for yourself how to use tools and how to give and to receive healing. Now we’re playing with new aspects: tarot. Cacao magic. rituals. Mmmh, welcome to a dream world.


  • Healing love for all humans
  • bonus: about lucid dreaming, your dream life is real

TOOLS you learn

  • Create your own magical energy 
  • Holding a ceremonial space

HEALING for yourself

  • Downloads uniqueness 
  • Cacao ceremony

First Step

Modul 10

You already learned and experienced a lot of skills. You now know what’s about you and what’s your passion. Now you’re ready to build your own structure and foundation for your own business.


  • Price calculation of your sessions
  • Serving your soul-clients

TOOLS you learn

  • Building an own structure of your healing sessions
  • Bringing solutions for the problem of your soul client on point

HEALING for yourself

  • Full strategy session

Magical Money Making

Modul 11

What is also important for an empowered healer is money. A physical change of something worth it. You learn how to live from your heart business and make money with your healing sessions. Show yourself to the world! Ready to receive?


  • Release from abundance-blockages 
  • money magic

TOOLS you learn

  • money-spirit communication

HEALING for yourself

  • your money spirit

Time to say:
Here I am!

Modul 12

To release and to let go is beginning something new. We’re coming together for a ceremony  and reflecting on your last weeks. We’re firmly fixing all your transformation and welcome your new life.


  • Release from abundance-blockages 
  • money magic

TOOLS you learn

  • money-spirit communication

HEALING for yourself

  • your money spirit


Charly, is it really possible to peel off my old identity? Is it really safe and easy to integrate my sensitivity?

Those thoughts are normal. They’re there, cause all old patterns of thoughts emotions and acts are so normal for your system. Why? Cause this is how it worked, so was your experience and the reality in your family system and the society. You had to built your identity to be seen, acknowledged, safe and “good”. And that is what names you a spiritual leader: You are creating new experiences and a new reality for yourself – and your soulmates.

Are you scared of being misunderstood or being rejected, when you invite energetic work in your life and into your private and business relationships?

As a spiritual leader you will get to know the borders of our society from time to time. And that’s okay. You may will provoke other human beings, cause you show the new perspectives and possibilities. A lot will be new – you will be a pioneer of a new reality. And I know: You are this brave.

You are telling yourself you already have a lot of knowledge and you don’t need any other space to face all this stuff?

Could it be that you have the tendency to go your way alone and living like a lone warrior? You don’t want to loose control. But exactly at this point it can be so beneficial to let go. Open up for being guided, for support and for receiving. It’s really so worth it. You are worth it.

A voice in your head is telling you : I don’t have time for this.

You know, time is an illusion and on the same time you want to choose wisely your invest of time, energy and love. And that’s good. You will be taken by my hand and get a lot of new insights and experiences. Every time is worth it, cause it can change life’s- yours and others! Your time is precious and appreciated.


The Healers Academy Online • 3.333 Euro

The Healers Academy & Spiritual Journey auf Bali • 6.666 Euro

See the truth

Charlotte Mahr

Sensitive advisor und CEO of THE HEALERS ACADEMY

It’s my passion being by your side on the way to the deepth of your soul. 6 years now I enable entrepreneurs and self-employees the experience of healing ceremonies and the space for transformation of feelings and thoughts.

In The Healers Academy you will get all the knowledge to offer Healing Sessions by yourself.

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