Healers Academy


• You always wanted to be in better connections with others?
• You wish to understand and feel your heart better – to understand your feelings, what you truely want to bring into life?
• You would like to experience more love, deep connection, and deep understanding?
• You want to be loved for what you bring into the world and feel loved for who you are?
• You want to have a lovely vibe with the people you work? Your clients, your team and of course your loved ones?

In this workshop you are going to learn how to read the heart-chakra of another person.

You will find out…
How you can build up a strong connection between brain and the electro-magnetic field of your heart
What your heart truely desires
How you can improve your relationships
What your challenge is you are invited to solve in your Selflove and in your relationships

We are going to dive into a meditative state and you will relax your busy mind about daily tasks. You will open your heart and strengthen your Selflove as well as the ability to strengthen your connections.
You will read the heart-chakra of another person and activate the ability to support others more deeply.

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What you get:

  • Recording of the seminar “Reading the heart-chakra”
  • One special